Jae & Matt Springer

About the Photographers:

We are Jae and Matt Springer, a husband-wife photography team, passionate about capturing the enchanting beauty of Maui and beyond, while sharing it with the world through our fine art.

Our journey as photographers is a joint collaboration from field to final product. We treasure the time we spend together, whether it's exploring the island in search of stunning landscapes or working diligently in our home office studio to turn our photographs into mesmerizing pieces of art.

Our days are filled with fun, excitement, adventure, beauty, and the spirit of aloha. We are grateful that our business feels more like an extension of our passions and interests than a job. Our love for art, photography, Maui, nature, travel, and spending time together has inspired us to create a fine art photography business that reflects our unique vision and talents.

When people ask, "How can you work with your spouse twenty-four hours a day? Doesn't that drive you insane?" We can't help but smile. The truth is, working together comes naturally to us because we both genuinely love what we do!

Discover the enchanting beauty of Maui and beyond.

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