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Maui Fine Art Photography: Seascapes & Landscapes that convey the Beauty & Spirit of the Hawaiian Islands. Artwork that Stirs the Soul & Imagination.

Artist Statement:

"It is our desire to present our art in an evocative way that arouses unexpected feelings and awakens the imagination to see nature's poetry in a very visual form."  Our artwork is from this immersion.

Jae & Matt

Jae & Matt


About the Photographers:

Aloha from Maui, Hawaii! I am Jae and my husband's name is Matt. We are a husband and wife photography team. We spend our days working together as a couple both in the field shooting new images, or at home in our home office studio working diligently behind the computer monitor as we visually compile our photographs into fine art.

Conceptually, it is a joint collaboration from field to final product. We enjoy spending time together, and everything that we do has the constant running themes of: fun, excitement, adventure, beauty and the spirit of aloha. We consider ourselves extremely lucky that our business is more like an extension of ourselves rather than a job. We have taken the things that we love: art, photography, the island of Maui, nature, travel, beauty, poetry, spending time together and combined it with our diverse skill sets to form a fine art photography business.

People often ask me, "How can you work with your spouse twenty-four hours a day? Doesn't he drive you insane?" I usually laugh and say, "it's easy." And it truly is, because we both love what we do!

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